About Us

A cluster of 12 luxurious bungalows lies on Bali’s north-east coast, wedged between the sparkling waters of unspoiled Muntig bay and the holy mountain, Gunung Agung. Scuba Seraya Resort is sprawled amongst lush tropical gardens on it’s private beach.

Scuba Seraya Resort is now widely regarded as one of NE – Bali’s best run dive centers. Being a PADI resort association member, safety and quality are of prime concern. If you look for individual attention, no groups, unhurried service and very small classes, Scuba Seraya Resort and Scuba Seraya Dive are just your ticket! Easy each entries and the resorts purpose-built fast dive boat assure a totally relaxed way of diving.

There is a great variety of “critters” just in front of the resort. Besides all the known Tulamben and Amed dive-sites, we have explored and found many as yet unknown sites in the close vicinity as well as further afield.



Really beautiful creations have one thing in common; they are founded on someone’s dream. When I worked in Tulamben as a resort manager and dive instructor in 1997 and 1998, I fell seriously in love with the place; the under water realm in front, the magnificent beauty of this special corner of Bali , and its people. Wouldn’t it be nice to run your own resort here and make everything even better?” This thought became an ever recurring dream. In April 2000 we started working on its realization, and Christmas 2003 we were receiving our first guests

It was a long and arduous journey. But today Scuba Seraya Resort represents a prime dive vacation destination with a unique atmosphere that is based on a strong philosophy. And nowhere is this more visible than with the quality of our employees. Most of them have been with us from the very beginning. They hail from where we are based and started as workers during the construction process. They were then selected and retained for personality and hidden talents.

So it is not unusual that for example a young man who had joined us as an unskilled laborer back when we laid the foundations with heavy boulders today is one of our certified Dive Masters and a sought after, English speaking dive guide. Or the shy 18 year old girl from Amlapura I met in 1998 when she was a trainee at a small beach restaurant; she demonstrated such unusual intelligence, loyalty, capacity to learn and leadership qualities, she went from waitress to cashier to supervisor. Since beginning of this year she is the resorts operations manager

Our employees form one big family; they look after the resort and welcome guests as if welcoming them into their own home.

This creates an atmosphere that is quite unique and we are immensely proud of. “Staff problems” are unheard of at Scuba Seraya resort. Therefore, this page is dedicated not to one persons dream and vision, but to the people that made the realization of such a dream possible. The pictures here represent a small cross section of who will be welcoming you and the genuine smiles that will be with you throughout your stay.

By Patrick Schwarz