Padang Bai & Candidasa

The sound of crashing surf on the shores is a part of the Oceanside feel, and the dive sites are part of the seascape. The imposing Gili Tepekong and the four outcrops of Gili Mimpang are directly offshore.
Consistent currents flow with the full and varied marine life along the shallow reefs and walls that surround these mysterious islands.

Padang Bai, is a small, busy fishing village. Its sandy bay a convenient haunt for divers. The reefs around Padang Bai have white-sand bottoms and can be magical if the visibility is good. This is not always the case. When the channel is calm you can do a daytrip from Padang Bai to the reefs of Nusa Penida.

Gili Biaha or Ikuan, is a rocky outcrop just of Tanjung Bias Putih. Bias Putih point is a few meters north-west of Gili Tepekong. The west side is mainly chosen for diving as it is more sheltered from current and offers better diving conditions.  Bali International Diving Professionals has excess to both sides.