This site, about 5 km to the west of Tulamben, is named after a small set of bungalows directly on the rocky beach, that in turn again was named after its resident monkey! Rudimentary wash down facilities exist, and porters will help you with your gear against a fee. The site is accessible by car. You enter the water by wading off the beach of boulders just in front of Monkey Bungalow’s restaurant. A shallow reef top of hard coral extends for approximately 100m, and then turns into a gentle slope, gradually forming a drop to the west into a sandy bottom, where one often sights 3 resident white tip reef sharks. The coral reef drop continues to a maximum depth of 45m, and then gives into sandy bottom with rocky outcrops. The reef part extends for about 300 to the east, so it is suggested you follow the drop down to your planned maximum depth (suggested 30m) then turn right and ‘zigzag’ your way back to the reef top, which makes an ideal safety stop.

There is a very good variety of hard- and some soft coral and reef fish. Macro photographers find many Nudibranchs in the sandy patches. This is an ideal ‘alternative’ dive to the ‘busier’ Tulamben Bay sites.

Diveable : Year round
Maximum depth : 40m
Visibility : 5 to 25m, depending on season
Current : Low, picking up to medium at full moon
Level of experience : All (open water certification)